Saturday, 23 January 2016

A client's video and blog of his life after the Lightning Process

Take a look at this video, made by a client who did the Lightning Process course one and a half years ago. 

He has also written a blog all about his experiences at the time and everything that he has been able to do since:

A Celebration!

The Bristol and Bath Lightning Process Team have a big Celebration coming up on Wednesday 27th January and we are very excited about it! We have invited everybody that has done the Lightning Process with us in the past to get together, meet each other, and to celebrate their achievements and the amazing changes they have made in their lives. We will also be eating, drinking, and generally have a bit of a party, in a delightful venue in Bristol.

Phil Parker, the designer of the Lightning Process, will be coming down from London to join in the festivities and meet everyone. Those of you who are coming, if you have one of his books and want him to sign it, bring it along. Otherwise, we will have some books for sale.

We will also be celebrating the launch of our Bristol and Bath Lightning Process Head Office Team. 

Sunday, 10 January 2016

New Year and a new Bristol and Bath Team

Happy New Year! What are you planning to do in 2016 to live your life the way you want to? What changes do you want to introduce? What do you need to let go of? And what do you want to bring in or have more of?

My new year's resolution is to return to blogging, which I neglected in 2015 as I got on with the rest of life. So here we are!

There is another exciting new development for my work with the Lightning Process in 2016: four of us in Bristol and Bath have got together to create the new Phil Parker Bristol and Bath Team. We are going to be working closely with Phil and with each other to offer Lightning Process courses in the Bristol and Bath area. In addition, we will be offering free introductory talks every couple of months, Refresher courses for graduates of the Lightning Process, and other fun and interesting things! To find out more, visit our new website,