Wednesday, 25 May 2016

5 ways to wellbeing

Last week a friend told me about These are 5 things that are proven scientifically to improve our wellbeing, and a great way to check in with how your life is going:

Connect                                         Be active
                      Take Notice
Keep Learning                               Give

So I took a look at how I had been doing in the last week or so:
  • A friend’s birthday weekend ticked connecting and being active (walked up a big mountain) plus quietly taking notice of the freshness of the new leaves and the lambs.
2014 230
  • Dancing which, as well as being great exercise, involves lots of learning.
  • And I ran a Lightning Process course, in which I was able to share with others (giving) these amazing tools. When I look at my life now I still have a sense of amazement sometimes that I wouldn’t have been able to do most of the above before I did the Lightning Process for my own health and wellbeing over 8 years ago.
What one thing could you introduce to your life this week, whether big or small, that could help you increase your sense of wellbeing?

Dealing with other people's negativity

Here are two good articles about handling other people's negative states of mind.

David Hamilton says in

"Just as you can catch a cold by hanging out with someone who has one, so you can actually catch emotion too.... You don't just catch emotion from others, you transmit emotion too. Other people catch what you are feeling. So if you want to help others to be happier, one of the best ways is to work on your own happiness. Then they will catch it from you." 

The second article looks at how it is possible to have too much empathy: