Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Elaine's story

One of my clients sent me this wonderful story recently, because she wanted to share her experience of the Lightning Process with others.

"So here I am, 4 weeks after completing the lightning process (sorry for the delay – been busy!), and I am to write ‘my story’...

This has me in a quandary. For 52 years ‘my story’ has been a heavy burden that I’ve carried on my back; like a snail that carries its home on its back, my story has been with me every step of the way and I have been fully focused on it, wearing it like a badge for all to see. And now, it’s suddenly not my story any more: it no longer fits; I no longer own it. It is irrelevant.

I have moved on. I have a life of energy, happiness and joy: I feel fantastic. I now look forward to a life of almost infinite possibility. There is so much to do, so much to see, and I can choose – where do I start?

So why would I want to revisit ‘my old story’?

I can, however, see that this is a useful thing to do – to help others understand that no matter how badly your life is affected by ill health, you do have the potential to change it.

So……My story is one of 15 years of M.E. 15 years of chronic ill health that resulted in loss of job and loss of home. I was totally exhausted and in extreme pain. Everything hurt – my muscles, bones, skin. And I was completely emotionally overwhelmed. I was a wreck on every level.

The doctors could not help me so, like many others, I travelled the alternative route. I tried everything out there and spent a fortune that I didn’t have. There was a slow improvement over the 15 years and I was able to return to part-time self-employment (who would employ me?). I would have brief periods of feeling well and totally believe that I had cracked it. This was it – I was well. And then for no reason that I could find, it was like someone flicked a switch and I would totally seize up and be back in the full depths of M.E. I spent months at a time in bed or sat on the sofa. I cancelled more engagements than I kept, and I couldn’t understand why.

I was absolutely determined to be well: and I have always known that I would be well again. This made every setback, every relapse hugely disappointing. I could not understand why I couldn’t hold onto good health. It just didn’t make sense.

Whilst I knew exactly what had precipitated my journey into M.E., I could not find my way out. Something was missing. Like my L.P. trainer said, it was like having lots of helpful information but a crucial piece of the jigsaw was missing.

Now I have the missing piece. It is like magic. Had I not experienced it for myself I would not have believed it. In fact when I first heard about the lightning process about 2 years ago, I totally dismissed it. Then in one week I had 4 different people tell me that I must do the lightning process. This time I listened.

I spent several weeks investigating – trawling websites, reading the book, contacting people who had been successful with LP, and then deciding on my practitioner.

The results have been staggering. I knew during the training that I was out of M.E. and never going back there again.

The thing that is so amazing is that I had the power within me to achieve this – I just needed someone to show me how.

So thank you Hilary, thank you Phil. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

You have given me my life back, you have given my husband his wife back and my children their mother. I have re-found myself, and I like what I see.

I have just been to a wedding where I danced until midnight, drove people home and got into bed at 1.45am. Before the lightning process this would not have been possible. Now anything is possible.

Thank you.

Elaine Chatwin "

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