Friday, 4 April 2014

Author Lucy Robinson learns the Lightning Process

Best-selling author Lucy Robinson has written an article which appeared in Stylist magazine on April 1st. For the full article go to:

She says:

"It’s beyond the scope of this article to explain how the Lightning Process works but the basic fact is this: it taught me how to influence physical problems over which I thought I was powerless. .....

 Some of us can influence our mental and physical states naturally, and others simply can’t. I was one of the latter. But all I needed to become someone who can were some simple yet powerful tools, and those were exactly what I got. Equipped thus, I flew. I haven’t looked back. ......

I chose happy. And I’m going to keep on choosing happy, every day, because it’s so much better than any of the alternatives. I learned the hard way how precious my life is and I don’t intend to squander that gift one single day more. "

Stylist magazine, April 1st 2014

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