Friday, 6 January 2017

A FREE opportunity to get help with resolving addictions

Do you know anybody who is struggling with addictions and really wants to find a way out? Or maybe you recognise that this is you? At this time of year, with a new year starting and resolutions made or already broken, we often identify big changes that we want to make in our lives, but we may not have a clue how to do that successfully. We don’t always have effective tools: after all, if all you have in your hand is a banana, it isn’t easy to put a flat pack together!

An amazing opportunity is available over the next few months: to learn some powerfully effective tools to help you make change for FREE, as part of a research project.

Phil Parker, the designer of the Lightning Process, has also created a course called The Rediscovery Process (or TRP), specifically aimed at people wanting to move on from addiction into a full and rewarding life. Phil is currently leading research to establish the effectiveness of TRP in the field of addiction, through the London Metropolitan University. A preliminary trial has been completed and produced exciting results, and the research has now moved on to the main trial. 

Gary, who took part in the preliminary trial, said "I knew everything about drugs - but not how to stop - until now." Gary was a poly drug user, and is now abstinent, 6 months after TRP

Over the last two years I have been involved in this exciting project, as part of the Bristol and Bath Team. One of our previous TRP clients gave us permission to share her feedback about doing the course:

“The TRP taught me to believe in myself. When I came to the TRP course I was existing, I wouldn’t have minded if I died. The very first day, I got a key, that I’ve got a choice. I can learn to change the neurones in my head. I wanted to live again after your three day course. Now I literally enjoy life.

I loved how you learned us, because you accept me for who I am, treat me equal, gave me choices, and explained things. You taught me how to think of things in a different way. I don’t get myself wound up. The way I am communicating has changed. And a million more things. Your way of working is the first time I have ever had that type of input.
The follow ups were absolutely amazing, I can see the magic happening in front of me. It’s been such a gift, honestly.”

We are currently recruiting people to take part in this research from around the country, including the Bristol and Bath area. While TRP works with any addictions, the research project is focused specifically on drug and alcohol addictions. We work with people at all stages and levels of recovery and drug use. So do pass this on to anybody that you think might be interested, or get in touch with us yourself if you would like to find out more:

020 7374 0233

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