Saturday, 1 December 2018

Our blueprint for health and happiness

I saw my osteopath recently, and we talked about the osteopathic idea that there is a blueprint for life in our bodies; that we are all born with the ability to be healthy and happy. This includes the ability to restore the balance when it goes out of kilter. Things get in the way of that knowledge, but underneath our body know how exactly how to do it. We just need to learn how to remind our body of what it already knows! This is an idea that also underlies the Lightning Process (because Phil Parker first trained as an osteopath).

I have started to play with this idea of a blueprint in my imagination, knowing the power of our thoughts to influence our bodies. I imagine myself getting very small and travelling into my body, carrying this “blueprint for life” (like a map or plan for health and happiness). In my imagination I go to each cell in my body and give it the blueprint, then watch as it remembers what its role is in the big plan, and transforms.

Here I get very creative! Sometimes I imagine that for each cell it is as if the sun has come out and it is relaxing into the warmth, glowing with calm energy. I see the cell communicating well with other cells in the body, all working together to create health and happiness. Sometimes I choose specific cells: for example, I might want to bring calm to any cells involved in the fight or flight response, if there is no real emergency going on; or pour energy into cells that need that. It is all about coming back into balance, which our body has a natural ability to do.

Sometimes I see the genes on the chromosomes in each cell switching on or off so that they can respond in a healthy way (the science of epigenetics has proved that this happens). Anything that needs repairing gets repaired. A housekeeping team goes through and decides what needs clearing out (toxins, dead cells, cells with mistakes that don’t fit the blueprint, viruses…..) and takes them off to be composted and transformed into something useful. My imaginary story changes every time.
My compost bin!

If you decide to have a go yourself, have fun with it! Remember there is a lot of evidence that our body responds to every thought we think. If we think about lunch our stomach rumbles. And our brain lights up in the same way on a scan whether we are looking at an apple, or imagining an apple. So your body will be responding to these imaginary thoughts too. We do housework in our homes and repair things that have gone wrong, why not do the same for our bodies? And it’s a good way to take a break, or something to do while you are drifting off to sleep …..

If you are curious and want more information about using the power of your thoughts, I recommend David Hamilton’s work, especially his book “How your mind can heal your body”.

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