Sunday, 30 August 2020

You have a choice

When I first started looking into doing the Lightning Process for myself, way back in 2008, one of the ideas that really had an impact on me was that I had a choice. That I could change all these things that previously I had no idea I had any influence over. My emotions, old stuck beliefs that were getting in my way, but for me most of all, my body and my health! I had had 8 years of fatigue and illness, not being able to work or to do anything but the absolute basics of daily life. I had tried SO many things (you wouldn’t believe some of the things I tried! But that’s another story….), but nothing had made much difference, so I had got to the stage of thinking “that’s just the way I am”.

Then an article I read about the LP contained this simple line “You have a choice”. It said that there were effective, proven tools I could learn which could switch off the ill health I was stuck in, and switch back on the healthy state that had been there before I got ill. That I could CHOOSE health! Not something we are taught in schools!

I hadn’t even learned those tools yet but I noticed a sense of excitement and hope for the future that immediately created happiness in the present, expectations of a more positive future, and mysteriously (to me, then) a slight change in my energy levels already. 

When I actually did the Lightning Process for myself, I learned much more about how this is possible, about the science behind it, about how to access the neurology and physiology of health, about the powerful connection between our mind and body; all of which enabled me to choose balance and wellness.

So that phrase has always stuck with me. All these years later, I still often say to myself “You’ve got a choice here, Hilary”. But also, my brain has taken it on board automatically now, so it has become a core way in which I approach the world. Even in little things, like the weather! Clearly, we don’t have a choice about the weather, so when I say “You have a choice, Hilary”, my brain then searches for what I DO have influence over, like how I feel about the weather, or taking waterproof clothing!

Try out this phrase for yourself and see what effect it has. What different thoughts do you have? What changes in your body? Does your future seem brighter? If you were to learn to have a choice over all these things you never thought you could influence, what would you choose?

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