Tuesday, 29 November 2011

The placebo effect

I am fascinated by the placebo effect. It could be seen as the most tested thing in the world, since every drug in medicine is tested against a placebo (a pill etc with none of the drug in it). This is done because the medical profession want to know if the drug has an effect over and above the positive effect of people believing that a pill will work. On average 20 - 40% of all medical effects can be achieved with a placebo.

This video clip gives more fascinating details about
The strange powers of the placebo effect 

What the placebo effect shows us is that we can access our body's natural healing ability through the power of our expectations (of what we believe will happen). It also shows us that the medical profession knows this, otherwise there would be no need to test drugs in this way.

One way of describing the Lightning Process would be that it teaches you to use this influence between the brain and the body in order to access and harness your own natural healing ability.

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