Friday, 2 December 2011

Changing pain using your brain

I have been up to London recently for the annual Lightning Process conference, where as practitioners we were comparing some of the exciting work that we have done to change people's experience of chronic pain.

This 5 minute video is used by pain consultants working with clients in the NHS and shows how much of an overlap there now is between the medical profession's understanding of chronic pain and what the Lightning Process does.

The video says that all pain is experienced in the brain, and that beyond 3 - 6 months it is no longer about tissue damage but more about the sensitivity of the nervous system. "To change it, you need to retrain the brain and the nervous system."

And retraining the brain and nervous system is exactly what the Lightning Process is so good at helping you to do, as this 2 minute video by Phil Parker about neuroplasticity shows very simply (neuroplasticity is the way in which the brain changes in response to what it experiences):

The pain consultant who gave us the video about understanding pain, Dr Rajesh Munglani, watched a Lightning Process course. For his comments about it go to this page;

If you want to read more detail about some of the research being done by the medical profession in this area, I would recomment this article from the Times:
"How you think about pain can have a major impact on how it feels. That's the intriguing conclusion neuroscientists are reaching as scanning technologies let them see how the brain processes pain."
Rewiring the Brain to Ease Pain


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