Friday, 2 March 2012

A client's Lightning Process story

A client who did the Lighting Process 6 months ago has just sent me this description of the experience. She includes a section on her experience of doing the Lightning Process as a Christian at the end, in case it can help other Christians considering the Lightning Process.

"I recently did the Lightning Process course with Hilary after having had ME/CFS for 11 ½ years. I had heard about it over the years but was very sceptical and chose to make the best of my limited energy by pacing myself very carefully. Life was still very frustrating even though I paced myself and rested a lot. I had to reduce my working hours from 37 to 16 and was still frequently off sick for weeks at a time. I had to limit my activities extremely carefully and often spent hours in bed recovering.

I then heard about two people who were much more badly affected than me who had done the LP with extremely positive results, so I started to investigate a bit more. I contacted both people and heard their individual stories. It made a real difference to be able to talk to two genuine people whom I could trust and hear their experiences of doing the course and the effect on their lives.

I contacted Hilary who was very easy to talk to and who also understood my concerns having had ME herself before becoming a trainer. I then read the book which really helped me to understand the LP, and I began to think that perhaps it could be the right thing for me. I actually started to notice some positive changes in my energy levels after reading the book! Hilary took a lot of time to answer my questions and to make sure that I was ready to do the course.

It really has given me a new lease of life and I never have to think about my energy levels now. I can enjoy everyday things like going for a walk, having coffee with friends, going out in the evening (the list is endless), without feeling ill afterwards.

I was very apprehensive about spending three days away on the course. However, I am so pleased that I did and have since recommended Hilary to a number of friends with very positive results

I have very much appreciated Hilary’s professional, committed and caring approach before, during and after the course. I have been in contact a number of times since, and have benefitted from her advice on how to apply the LP in a number of different situations.

The LP and Christianity:

As a Christian I was keen to make sure that the LP was compatible with my faith, and I had prayer support before, during and after the course. I spoke to other Christians who had done it and also asked my church leaders to look into it, all with positive results. Having done the course I can see that in many ways it reflects biblical teaching, although there is actually no spiritual element to it, and I am thankful to God guiding me to do the course and for my renewed health and strength.

E Williams"

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