Monday, 9 April 2012

And another story ....

Before attending the Lightning Process course, I had been feeling unwell for about 2 years. I would experience extreme fatigue for no obvious reason, digestion problems leading to nausea and surges of adrenaline when I really didn't need them. I'd learnt to live with the symptoms but only by strictly limiting what I did. It was only when I heard someone else tell me that I wasn't fit enough to do something that I decided to go on the Lightning Process course. A family friend who had suffered from ME for 10 years had attended the course with Hilary, had immediately started to feel better and recommended the course to me.

Hilary was brilliant with me, clearly explaining the principles of the course whilst gently exploring issues that I needed to address. Putting into practice what I'd learnt, I immediately started to notice a difference in how I felt and now I have none of the symptoms that were a blight on my life beforehand.

Trevor Ranger

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