Friday, 14 February 2020

What IS the Lightning Process?

I am often asked this question; and it is surprisingly hard to answer, given that I have been a Lightning Process practitioner for over 11 years! This is mainly because it is quite complex to answer, and takes 3 days to explain properly. But over the years I have tried lots of ways of giving a flavour of the LP, and I thought I would share a few of them.

The one line answer is ‘It’s a training course that teaches you powerful tools, to enable you to influence your health and life’. All human beings have amazing abilities, but often we don’t even know we have these abilities, let alone how to use them to help ourselves. The Lightning Process teaches you this.

Using how your body works to make changes to your health

People’s next question, especially when they want to influence their own physical health, is often “How on earth can a training course help me to get well from a physical illness?” Good question! I generally find the most effective way to answer is to explain a little about how your body works.

One of the amazing abilities that your body has is the natural ability to heal. Think of how a cut heals, or your body recovers from a cold. The LP shows you how to activate this innate natural ability, and get it working well for you.

Our brain and nerve pathways (in fact our whole body) are constantly changing in response to how we use them. That’s neuroplasticity, and it’s behind all learning. This means that you can learn to strengthen your healthy, happy pathways, and allow stuff which is not useful to fade away. To find out more you might like to look at my blog about sheeptracks and neuroplasticity.

Then there is the powerful fight or flight response. This is only meant to be turned on when there is a true physical emergency. But sometimes, without meaning to, our body has learned to turn it on for situations where running away or thumping someone is the last thing that is going to help! As a result you can end up being stuck in the fight or flight response long term, which takes a huge physical toll on your body. In the LP you learn to:
1.      Turn off the fight or flight response if it is inappropriate
2.      And the rest of the time keep your healthy happy physiology switched on instead.

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